Upcoming Meetings
December Meeting Schedule
December 1, 2016

We hope to see you at one of our December meetings!

Community Wealth Building: Thursday, Dec. 8th @ 6:00pm, Houston Praise & Worship, 3802 Live Oak

Community Land Trust: Tuesday, Dec. 13th @ 4:30pm, PRH Education House, 2519 Holman

EEDC General Meeting: Tuesday, Dec. 13th @ 6:00pm, PRH 2521 Holman

Arts & Culture / Resident Engagement: Tuesday, Dec. 20th @ 6:00pm, PRH 2521 Holman

Political Action: Wednesday, Dec. 21st @ 5:00pm, PRH Board Room, 2312 Elgin

Dowling Corridor: Wednesday, Dec. 21st @ 6:00pm, PRH Board Room, 2312 Elgin


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