Culture and Commerce
Preserving our culture and advancing our economic condition

Our Work
A program of the Emancipation Economic Development Council and the Texas Historical Commission. The Emancipation Avenue Main Street Program creates and supports equitable economic development by revitalizing commerce, celebrating African American culture, and promoting creativity on the Emancipation Avenue corridor in Houston's historic Third Ward Community.

Small Business Training Program  
A 12 course program for establishing a solid foundation for small businesses in the Third Ward.

Neighborhood Development Center 
NDC is focused on the creation and expansion of businesses with in the Historic Third Ward. The program offers Business training, comprehensive technical assistance, “character based living”,  and real estate development in the form of business incubator sites..

Houston Anchor Collaborative 
HAC's  goal of the collaboration is to enable Houston-based anchor institutions to effectively leverage institutions assets, in the areas of hiring and procurement, to intentionally improve community well being, reduce health disparities and foster equitable economic participation in Houston.
Faith in Action
The Third Ward's faith communities working for the spiritual, social, and economic health of the community.
Third Ward Business Directory
EEDC maintains a list of businesses in the community.
Emancipation Avenue Main Street
EAMS is dedicated to raising the visibility and viability of locally owned and operated businesses.
    Our Work 
  1. Actively promote independent shops and service providers in the Historic Third Ward.
  2. Help Businesses stay competitive through workshops, networking events, policy initiatives, and advocacy work.
  3. Educate consumers on the benefits of supporting community owned and operated businesses.
  4. Celebrate and reflect on the rich cultural heritage of the Historic Third Ward
Faith in Action
Under construction...
Small Business Training
Helping 3rd Ward residents develop and expand their businesses.
Third Ward Business Directory
Not Jus Do nuts Bakery Cake and More
2020 Emancipation Ave, Houston, TX 77003
(713) 951-9211
File It Inc.
2012 Emancipation Ave Houston, TX 77003
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