Emancipation Economic Development Council

We are the EEDC
The Emancipation Economic Development Council (EEDC) is a collaborative of organized, informed and engaged faith-based organizations, nonprofits, community development corporations, businesses, local government entities and other stakeholders from the community.

Our Working Groups
We protect and server our neighborhood through a myriad of activities and action groups.
Building Community Wealth Through Anchor Partnerships
Partner with anchor institutions and leverage their substantial economic resources and social capital to make direct investments in the residents of Third Ward who suffer from severe income and wealth disparities.
Strengthen Political Action
Mobilize Third Ward residents in the political and civic process to affect public policy by fostering a dialogue among stakeholders with a vested interest in the revitalization, preservation and commercial development of Third Ward.
Increase Community Ownership + Housing Choice
Advocate and educate for permanent and affordable housing, economic development, and open space that is community-controlled and advances the preservation of the historic Third Ward neighborhood.
Revitalize Emancipation Avenue Business Corridor
Spur revitalization of Emancipation Avenue as a hub and Main Street for the Third Ward, such that it is safe, well-lit, engaging, open and fun.

Engage Community Residents + Create Social Safety Net
Create a Residents’ Civic Association that empowers residents to advocate for themselves for the opportunities and resources that are necessary to protect them from displacement; promote their social and political integration into a changing neighborhood; and support their social mobility.
Promote Arts & Culture
Build an awareness of the significance of the rich African-American culture and history of Third Ward, as a key strategy to support preservation and revitalization efforts.
Set Faith in Action
Unify Third Ward’s historical faith communities in service of the spiritual health of the community.
MIT's Neighborhood Report
In 2016 the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT worked with residents of the Emancipation Park neighborhood, a historically African-American community in Houston, Texas to devise strategies for community-led regeneration of the Third Ward.  They believe that Houston’s Third Ward is rich with possibility and legacy. Their resultant plan is to help the EEDC and residents in the Emancipation Park neighborhood gain greater control over decisions in their neighborhood.
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